astral project how to

Think about why you might want to partake in astral projection. Imagine wherever you’d plan to sleep, looking forward to actually leaving your own physical body with your soul! That’s what astral projection is, according to certain people. Think about how beneficial it could be to take this habit with you wherever you go to sleep!

Supposedly, a person can move around on earth this way, as well as space! It would also be a way for someone to find out about the afterlife (considering there is one). Think about where on earth you might want to go this way. Maybe there are certain sights you want to see, but not enough to use an airplane, for instance. Also, think about how grand it would be to astral project in space! There’s the option of going on Mars, and perhaps trying to move further inside it to see what you might find out about its past (or/and present). You might be curious enough to move far out into the Universe to see if you can find other life, and what it’d be like on the planets they reside on (considering they’re there). Also, think about how it’d be to find out about the afterlife (considering there is one)!

You might even see loved ones who have passed away as a result of partaking in astral projection. Think about how great it would be to see how they are doing, and what they could be up to! It can also be a comforting thought that perhaps descendants can visit you after you pass away. You might also see and contact other souls of friends who have passed away, or strangers who have passed away.

If there is an afterlife, imagine being absolutely sure about what it’s like. This can obviously give you a more positive viewpoint in general.

It could even possibly help you figure out more about the purpose of life, and your specific purpose in this life. You might enhance other areas of your life which are seemingly irrelevant to spirituality. There is no telling just how much good astral projection might do for you in general!

Supposedly, astral projection occurred throughout ancient history in different places and different cultures. You might find hints or/and representations about certain people partaking in astral projection if you look hard enough to find it. There are various books, amongst things, which include supposed information about astral projection in genera, such as how it can pertain to outer space, about different plains of existence, what sorts of spirits/life can be seen on the astral realm and even how astral projection can be relevant to animals! You can also find astral projection techniques in certain books. However, you might also want to try using “binaural beats”, supposedly sound you can hear which is meant to increase likelihood of astral projection. It’d seem ideal to listen to binaural beats while falling asleep.

When you’re tired, the chances of being able to astral project can be increased. One idea is to actually set your alarm clock before you’re about to sleep to wake up you up around three hours later. Obviously, once you wake up, you want to shut off the alarm clock. From this point, you can try to get out of your body. Just think about how spectacular it’d be to be able to astral project regularly! You can look forward to going to bed for the main reason of going elsewhere in the Universe. Think about the aspects of outer space you’re possibly curious about; far away from what’s been viewed by telescopes, other planets that may contain life (microscopic or other), how planets are in other galaxies. These are things you just might end up finding out about! It could just be a matter of trying.