astral projection realms


At the base of the spine there lies a sleeping serpent of energy. In it’s dormant state, we may never realize that it is there. Awakening this coiled and perfectly poised serpent is the basis of spiritual enlightenment, and the act of doing so is what Kundalini Yoga is all about.


The practice of Kundalini Yoga encompasses many levels. Though it is a physically demanding practice, it is also, ultimately, a spiritual journey that expands the consciousness of the individual many times over as it strengthens their bodies and calms the mind. Through Kundalini Yoga techniques, it is possible to accelerate our spiritual development, experience the oneness that comes with the bliss of enlightenment and travel to worlds beyond this one; the Astral Plane, where we eventually end up re-learning something about ourselves that has long been forgotten; that we are timeless beings who have taken the initiative to be ‘in existence’ here on this Earth in order to learn more about all of the ways that we exist. We have come to this Universal University for a reason, and that reason must be found within each one of us if we are to move into the realm of the enlightened.


Kundalini Yoga is comprised primarily of Sutras, or specific poses that channel and release energy and facilitate the rise of the Kundalini upwards, into each of the chakras of our body.

Breathing techniques and mantras are also used by the Kundalini Yoga practitioner to take the focus off of one’s thoughts and instead to place it directly in the experience that is being had.

Kundalini Yoga is renown for it’s effects on our consciousness, and it is a practice that has been used for thousands of years in order to prime the pump for Astral Projection, or the ability to be outside of our body in full consciousness.


Raising the Kundalini up from the Root chakra and into the higher realms of the Third Eye and the Crown chakras, we take the initiative to grow. When this serpentine energy finally breaks through, it can be intensely traumatic, beautiful, all encompassing and sometimes, too much for the individual to handle. Though it is tempting to try to do it alone, Kundalini Yoga works much better in the presence of a diligent and well trained instructor.


When we look at our spirituality through the lens of the sleeping Kundalini, we have imagery which we can use to focus on and facilitate these mystically enlightening experiences on our own, thus further progressing on our path to true understanding. Working with Kundalini energy is one of the best ways to develop our natural vision and to see the way through our thoughts to the actuality of what our experience with divinity really is. In this way, we can become enlightened. It is not some something special, reserved only for wise men and sages. It is a part of who we are.





Angie Hewerdine