astral traveling

Few of us north americans are that interested in being more enlightened, more spiritual men and women. After all, every day life is good, just about everyone has plenty of money when compared with people in the other countries in the world and most of us live a highly rewarded, fulfilling life full of achievement and free of daily trials.

Even so, it seems, that the contrary is correct. Interest in astral travel information is at an all-time peak. While the majority of us don’t have any real difficulties, a few of us, myself personally included, lack a feeling of purpose, a sense of direction and possess the unavoidable feeling that we are here for reasons that are outside of our fingertips. There’s a listlessness which comes with this feeling. There must be something else, there must be a higher purpose and there must be anything beyond what I can touch!

There is some thing beyond the physical and there’s a method to discover it. It’s not necessarily easy but it’s extremely easy. You’ll need relaxation, meditation and separation in that order.

You see, in order to discover the next level, the spiritual realms or mystic encounters you’ll need first to find contact with your inner self, your spiritual being and your small voice, your conscience. This is an encounter that transcends merely being attentive to your thoughts, although thats a great start, it involves a close personal examination of self.

Further to which, it is required that one should give up all perception of ones self as the center of all things. It involves liberating your mindset as well as your self image to the winds. It entails baring your self and your soul to the universe and unburdening your thoughts.

In short, you need to release your vanity, give it up, send it packing, tell it, say good bye. Why is this so essential? Simply because its the answer to developing your spirit, your soul to the point where you are able to begin to totally value the other side.

This really is a life time journey, but your first experience will be unique. However it also implies that your meaning of achievement will also need to evolve. You notion of morality, you concept high mindedness and the higher road will also by natural means evolve with each new encounter.

Psychic motivation and enlightenment work together with this natural impulse. However, be aware of the selfish inclination however to state to your self emphatically, I’ve done it! I’ve accomplished it! While you are definitely likely to feel a brand new kind of joy while you cross the threshold be skeptical of the warm, self indulgent sense of achievement. That’s the wrong direction.