blocked chakra

“What lies behind and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”

-Oliver Wendell Holmes


The Third Eye Chakra is a powerful tool that lies inside all of us but can remain dormant. The power that a human mind possesses is vaster than an entire universe and the Third Eye Chakra is a storehouse for that unused power that can change a human’s course of life. This indigo chakra opens you up to vibrant, positive thoughts. It extends your capabilities and your internal powers to such an extent that there are no limitations. It awakens the sub-conscious mind of a human – one that has hidden within it all the hopes, dreams, fears, power, and knowledge required to walk through the frightening realm of the unknown. 


Many people live in ignorance of the seven chakras and their available benefits. Indeed this is only half-living; the extent of the benefits that an individual can reap through awareness of the seven chakras and their extraordinary powers is unlimited. Each and every person has their own unique set of problems and each person tries to fight those problems in their own way – but often the occurrence of difficulty feels never-ending. What can a person do when they feel they have exhausted every option? Without an awareness of the third eye chakra it is impossible to truly know the power one can possess. Our problems can limit us and result in a surplus of negative thoughts, preventing us from moving forward in a positive direction.

When our thoughts are limited in such a way it limits our capabilities, and stifles our personality. Everything that we think, ask, or talk about – it’s all registered in the universe, and those thoughts come alive in front of us in the form of our actions. The universe works in a way that is mysterious and puzzling, for example the very day we say that “I hope I’m not late today” – we are bound to be late for reasons beyond our control. If we open our third eye chakra we can begin to realize and understand the language spoken by the universe. Instead of focusing on negativity, we can try to speak the language of the universe by saying “I will be on time today,” and finding the path unfolding for us to do as we desire.


Ignorance of third eye chakra limits us and forces us to retreat to negative qualities that we have struggled to get rid of for years. This lack of knowledge limits the possibilities available to us, leaving us with no choice but to accept what comes along. This is a debilitating cycle of existence that affects our ability to cope with the events in our lives. As it gains momentum, it forces a person in the wrong direction and takes them further from happiness and from those that they love. Luckily, the cycle can be interrupted by focusing one’s attention on the Third Eye Chakra and learning to embrace the power of your own intuition.



This circle is like a vicious cycle that continues gaining momentum in the wrong direction, taking you further away from your happiness, from the people you love. There are many Third Eye Chakra meditation techniques provides us with solution to put an end to this cycle, to take back our life in our control. 

These meditation techniques open the door for us to activate our Third Eye chakra and connect with our consciousness, to bring about the clarity in our life, and have enough power to steer the course of our life in right direction.