chakra activation

Flushing and activation of the chakras will improve your psychic abilities, outlook on life, and your overall health. It is also a good exercise before rituals or any kind of energy work you may be doing. It is also a great warm up to a mediation session. The most important exercise prior to beginning is to ground yourself. This can be done by picturing in your mind you have roots going into the ground. While breathing out your mouth and in through your nose, picture a white light flowing into your crown chakra. The light flows down from your head into your neck and then down the rest of your body until it reaches the feet. Let the light flow from your feet into the roots and flow to the center of the earth. Just keep doing it until you feel your body start to vibrate from the flow of light. Always start by grounding as it also activates the crown chakra. Now let’s start at the third eye or the 6th chakra. Focus on drawing some light into that area by imagining it in your brain. If it doesn’t feel “fuzzy” use your hand to zap it. To zap all one needs to do is push the energy out of the hand by clenching up the muscles which normally forces out the che energy. If you don’t feel the flow then just picture it happening. When it starts to hum then we can go on to the next chakra. Picture in your mind, which will become reality in the light realm, your entire third eye moving down to your throat area. Picture that that whole energy vortex which is your third eye now moved into the position of the 5th or throat chakra. Tell yourself they are connected. Keep your concentration until you feel this is true and also they will both be flowing quite a bit. Don’t forget your breath in through the nose.

OK now using the same techniques go ahead and move your 5th chakra down to your 4rth chakra. Feel it vibrate warm pink love energy from the universe. Feel your wings located on the back of the vortex which is your heart chakra. All of your upper chakras are connected and work cohesive. Let’s put your heart chakra and all the others down into your upper belly which is your core and also your 3rd chakra. It is also known as your solar plexus chakra. Feel our star the sun expanding in your solar plexus. Your core is the sun and your are super charged with a nuclear fusion process that expands throughout your entire body. Once that energy becomes a explosive move on to the next. Move all your upper chakras down into your sacral chakra that is located just below your belly button usually. Feel the light energizing all your internal organs. Healing is evoked doing this. When you are satisfied that the energy is flowing well then move to your base chakra. Now that we are at the 1st or base chakra feel the energy vibrating throughout your entire body via your che lines. This is your physicality and explains why it is located at your genitals. Your chakras are perfectly aligned together they flow as a unit and vibrate a phi while resonating with the entire universe. Let the light energy course through your body. It enters at your crown chakra flowing down and out of your feet. Focus on this until all you can feel is the vibration of the energy as it flows throughout your entire body. In this state you can manifest anything. Let’s go ahead and manifest love in our world and human race. Of course, why stop there the more love in our human race the better. Also in this state you are ready to channel spirits, use your psychic abilities, astral travel, and a host of other things that are yours and should be developed.