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When it comes to the health of your colon, cleansing teas can aid in the purging of plaque left behind in the intestines. The herbs in cleansing teas can work to improve digestive function by ridding your colon walls of mucoid plaque. When left unchecked, mucoid plaque can build up and harden making it difficult to pass. When this occurs, your body is unable to absorb important nutrients which can substantially affect your health over time. Cleansing herbal teas can help to alleviate this problem. They can support your digestive system, glands and organs and purge the mucoid colon plaque from your body.

Some powerful herbals that are used in cleansing teas are blended to provide maximum benefit for colon health. Herbal blends that contain substances such as senna (also known as Cassia senna leaf), barberry, rhamnus purshiana bark, berberis vulgaris bark, raspberry, ruhus iadcus leaf, rheum palmatum root, and rhubarb can all be beneficial for colon health.

Taken regularly in the form of tea, these substances can support elimination and enhance the strength of the lower bowel in the intestines. They can also support the regular contraction of muscles that will aid in moving waste through the digestive tract.

Other helpful teas are hot water with fresh lemon, ginger tea and green tea, which also boasts many other health benefits. These teas are effective detoxifiers as well.

The most important way to support colon health is through diet. Nutrition is your best defense against chronic health issues like constipation and cancers of the colon. A diet rich in organic fresh produce and whole grains is ideal. Consuming a diet that is high in processed junk foods is detrimental to health and devoid of nutrition.

These foods will cause the build up of intestinal plaque which can prevent your body from doing its job of digestion and elimination. A change in lifestyle over the long term will result in better colon health. Using cleansing teas are a good way to enhance your body’s powerful detoxification abilities.

Also vital to colon health and detoxification is to drink enough water every day. We all need to be drinking at least half of our body weight in ounces of fresh, pure water each day.

To support your healthy lifestyle, cleansing herbal teas can enhance colon health and help to purge out waste.

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