chakra clearing meditation

Energies surround us all the time, we are made of it, and we can get in tune and out of tune with several energies. Since my childhood I was very inspired and energized by music, from all different styles, what I am going to explain was my experience in the last music festival that happened in Miami, Florida, recently in March 2009.

Since I started my reiki studies and development I noticed that my awareness of location energies was always present, I have always enjoyed live music and lots of people congregations, but never realized how much energy was exchanged in this type of events.

This was my third time attending this music festival, and for first the time I decided to make a full reiki experience, I connected to the energies in the location, at first I was afraid to start a reiki exchange in a place with over hundred thousand people, but the experience turned out to be amazing. When I put my hands in the air, and went along with the music, the dance, the vibration, the lights, the flashing lights and all energies present in the place. I had one of the most amazing reiki experiences to date.

The official presenter mentioned over eighty different countries were represented at the music festival, and I am sure I felt other reiki masters were present at the event doing the same thing, the flow of energy was fantastic, I did not witness any fights or trouble, I truly believe that in a not so distant future, mankind will have even bigger events like this one.

Somehow the beat of the music brought me back in time to a place where there was only fire, and music was the main attraction, and I had over 100,000 brothers and sisters there jumping to the same tune, all in peace. And who knows, maybe the evil extraterrestrials that were going to destroy planet Earth on the last weekend of March 2009 were amazed with what they saw in Downtown Miami, and turned around to look for a more boring planet to destroy.

We will never know…