chakra colours

Most of us live quite stressful lives, and it doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t be happy. We are rather happy but sometimes the happiness might be blurred by some small or bigger stress factors in our lives. However, there are ways to help the mind and body cope with stress and to relief it. One thing I have noticed to help to keep a peace of mind is home décor. Certain colours, furniture and overall ambiance play a key role in maintaining a peaceful mind at home while it might get very stressful outside the home. I have recently discovered few things that create harmony at home.

A thing that one should pay attention to is the colour of the walls. Many people believe white is the best and most neutral one – well that is a false assumption. The most comforting wall colours are of light shades, for example light salmon, light grey and so on. Don’t be afraid to paint your walls because even if it doesn’t go completely right the first time, it is easy to redo it! Also, try painting accent walls aka feature walls. They can spice up your living area without disturbing the harmony.

Do not clutter. Too much, too close not only makes the space look smaller but it also creates a busy atmosphere, and not in a good sense. Clutter disturbs the eye, thus, the mind doesn’t get a rest because it is processing all the time. Unclutter and get rid of all the things you haven’t used in one year and don’t be afraid to let go even of useless furniture. Instead, get some scented candles and relax.

One thing that has helped my husband and me relax has been the fireplace that we got a year ago. The lounge room where it is situated has become our sanctuary where we listen to Buddha Bar music and just exist.

We were thinking about a fireplace for some time but when we actually stumbled upon the perfect one at Uunisepät, we knew straight away that it was the one. Of course, it is not a cheap investment like scented candles, but it gives so much. And lucky for us, Uunisepät provided us with a payment system thanks to which we were able to pay off the sum during twelve months.

So, make a change for better and aim for harmony and a peace of mind. You are definitely worth it.