chakra healing stones

Stone healing and strong sensation may be a combination you never imagined, if you think about yourself as a patient person. Patience and a strong hot-headed attitude are complete opposite! In reality patience is the remedy for ‘negative’ inner fire like anger, irritation and rage. ‘Negative’ patience, however, causes stagnation and lack of motivation. Use stone therapy to remedy excessive inactivity such as stone healing depression and lethargy with a fiery energy stone like red garnet.

Depressive states debilitate many people, treatment could help to handle and cover it up, but it seldom cures the source of it. Think of the possibilities of stone therapy we should solve this inner status, and be happy.
Healing stones and gems directed by the Moon.
We can use the moon to assist us in the right directions, as every day during the lunar cycle shows ascending and descending elemental energies. Stone healing using the 28 crystals in the circular Moon Mandala is detailed in The Crystal Lotus Handbook. The Moon Mandala is a stone healing device as every day of the lunar cycle will show a specific mix of energetic influence represented by a crystal. At the full moon, the sun and the moon are opposing each other the most. This causes more intensity and drama where stone healing might help.
We are much more affected by the moon energies than we may think. The full moon heightens any instability we have within, and more crimes of passion are done during a full moon. We can use these different energy impacts to our benefit by carefully tune in to them. Stone healing with Garnet symbolizes the fiery fire and placed at moon day 10 just before the full moon. This is usually a crucial time where anger might resurface faster.
Where to start crystals healing stones therapy for depression and anger?
Of course in case you are in the care of a health care specialist, you might already have excellent care for your condition without stone healing, but I am recommending an alternative and complementary method that could help anyone who is willing to utilize it. Stone healing is a contemplative method of handling our inner phenomena. It helped me a great deal with my tempers and depression. I will share the things I did during a vulnerable phase on my own healing journey with stone therapy some time ago:
I start my stone healing meditation by finding a place of comfort. As I sit in meditation with my garnet sphere tucked near to my heart, I feel it grounds me and aid me display whatever feelings come up. I sit in silence for a long while being one with my stone as an anchor for the divine. Then, I wrote a journal of my thoughts because this alleviates stress. My healing crystal stone meditation aids me, and I feel secured. Afterwards I usually arrived at some new consciousness, like when I own my thoughts and reactions. The result is that I take my own power back. At this time this is what I really need. I am grateful.