chakra imbalance

The Throat Chakra imbalance is one of the major problems of today’s society. Being the controller of our communication system, this chakra holds the authority over our relations with others. If throat chakra benefits us with various assets then, its imbalance throws us in turmoil too.
Associated with the color indigo, Throat chakra is the fifth of the seven chakras. Graphically, it is represented by sixteen petals. Located at the back of the centre of the throat, it controls our expression of verbal thoughts and feelings. When the Throat Chakra is healthy and spinning, we are aided with the ability to speak up. It is the gateway for truth. Therefore, this chakra’s good health helps us in expressing our views and opinions. We are no longer comfortable with blind following of orders and mannerisms; we question every motive, meaning and consequences. However, Throat Chakra not only enables us to express our own views but also enables us to listen to what others have to say. A balance of giving and receiving is provided by this chakra.
On the other hand, the ill-health of this chakra could result in various deadly consequences. Some children, who are taught to never question things or never speak up their mind, grow up with an imbalanced throat chakra. When a barrier is created for the chakra, it is blocked and thrown off balance. This leads to difficulty in knowing or expressing truths, suppressed emotions, needs or creativity, suffering from fear of speech, being timid, scared or inconsistent The person decides to put on a “brave face” than express the turmoil inside. It could also lead to medical problems like asthma, thyroid problems, bronchitis, sore throats and mouth ulcers.

While more energy in the chakra could result in gossiping, inability to listen, dominating voice, addiction, ignorance or bring arrogant. Since the throat chakra is all about truth, lies and deceiving words create a pitfall for it. Whenever someone chooses a lie over the truth, this chakra gets blocked. Being unfaithful and suffering from lack of willpower also results in the chakra’s imbalance.
To maintain the health of your throat chakra, one must, primarily, stick to speaking truth. Other than that, practicing to speak in front of the mirror could boost your confidence. Participating in quizzes and debates also allow your inner opinions to jump out. Being in the company of people you’re comfortable with saves you from feeling helpless and timid. On the other end, if there’s a problem of excessive energy, one must practice being silent for set periods of time. Audio tapes and songs help you in receiving others say. Listen to the songs, instead of singing with them. Meditate to calm your senses and for further treatment. In addition to that, indigo colored clothes and objects also help in treating the ill health of this chakra.
Speaking up one’s mind is of utmost importance for his survival. Therefore, being aware about the symptoms of imbalance in the Throat chakra and taking necessary steps to curb it would be a wise decision.