chakra kundalini

A series of definition explaining Kundalini Yoga is available online. According to history, Kundalini is the use of unexploited energy coiled on the spine to attain spirituality. Quite unimaginable! But it is achieved practically for over 4000 years. The main aspect of Kundalini depends on the energy circulation from base to spine. The techniques involved to practice kundalini are breathing exercises, postures, mudras, mantras and meditation.

Learning Breathing Exercises:

This is the first and foremost technique taught in Kundalini Yoga. Sit cross legged in a cotton blanket. Try to take long breaths so that your lungs are almost filled with air. Place your arms on the knees. While inhaling press the knees with your arms pulling the air into the lower body. This method opens the chest cavity. Once after your lungs are filled with air, hold it for a moment to feel the pressure and fullness of air in your lungs. Now relax your arms and exhale the air. In this way, the muscles of the abdomen, chest and shoulder areas indulge in the breathing practice. Such long term breaths generate energy in the nerve endings due to the pressure it produces. This technique is good for lung related problem.

After basic breathing technique is successfully practiced, alternative breathing techniques is followed. In this mode of breathing, air is blocked in one nostril and allowed to enter in the other nostril. First technique of breathing is continued and the difference is that it is practiced by single nostril alternatively with the help of thumb and forefinger.

Learning Postures:

Seven positions together retrieve energy from seven chakras in Kundalini Yoga.

Each body positions activate energy probably awakening each of seven chakras. Only when the energy blocks in each chakra is cleared, Kundalini energy is allowed to rise up from the spine. Postures involve crow pose, frog pose, stretch pose, camel pose, cobra pose, and guru pranam and sat kriya. Each pose is different and is followed to accomplish the purpose. Chakras are interconnected and each posture is vital to work on each chakra.

Learning Mudras and Mantras:

Mudras are so used in yoga to captivate certain flow of energy. Hand, eye and body positions together indulge in practicing yoga. Five types of mudras are often practiced in Kundalini yoga. Gyan Mudra: Touch the tip of the thumb with the first finger and keep the rest straight. This mudra is believed to help the mind to go inward and regarded excellent in practicing yoga. Cosmic Mudra: Place the right hand over the left hand in a way that it appears open and allow the thumb of each hand to meet slightly. It promotes intuition and self awareness. Active Gyan Mudra: Fold the index finger and place it behind the thumb in such a way that it looks hidden. This promotes a concentrated mind for meditation. Surya Mudra: Join the tip of ring finger and thumb finger together. This mudra promotes energy and power. Namaste Mudra: Bring Palms of both the hand together with all fingers touching each other and pointing straight. It activates the heart and stimulates third chakra. These five mudras are popularly practiced in Kundalini yoga.

Mantras play an essential part to reach divinity. Utterance of mantras can enhance the eighty four meridian points located in the mouth. When the syllable of mantra is pronounced, the vibrating frequency pressurizes certain constant point that in turn initiates a chemical reaction in the brain. This is really important for attaining what you need. Various mantras are taught while practicing Kundalini.

Learn to meditate:

Meditation is a communication between mind and the universe. The way to practice is different. Before meditating, dress comfortably. It should be clean, fresh and of light colors. Women should tie hair back to avoid distracting while in concentration. Chanting mantra makes meditating pleasant and divine. Even if the word could not be understood, it should be practiced to energize your brain. In meditation follow breathing practice, pursue mudras, utter mantras and concentrate.
Learning Kundalini Yoga improves wellbeing of an individual. Initially the yoga should be learned from a trained practitioner and it can be pursued later at home. Loads of materials and facts about Kundalini yoga is scattered on the internet which could emphasize beginners to acquire a quick knowledge on Kundalini Yoga. Although it is an ancient methodology, it is still practiced for being beneficiary.