chakra mantras

Sanskrit mantras are sound formulas that echo the language of Creation, ranging from single-syllable “seed sounds” to more extensive, lengthy compilations of sounds designed to have specific effects. We have been told that “In the beginning there was The Word…” and the scriptures from many world religions testify that sound was the originating manifestation of the Universe as we know it. Delving fully into Sanskrit mantra is ultimately a process of understanding Creation itself. However, the less subtle layers of “The Word” can also serve those of us with more practical concerns. Mantra can be translated as “that which sets free from the ordinary mind.” The regular use of Sanskrit mantra helps us to transcend the ordinary faculty of the mind and its limited scope. Mantras help us access illumined intellect, the storehouse of our soul’s wisdom and powerful creative energy, and eventually remove the obstacles to our awakened presence. Because Sanskrit mantra is an energy-based language of light,it works whether you fully understand it or not. Many mantras are untranslatable, and the translations that do exist are subjectively drawn sketches of a deeper meaning that supersedes our ability to convey it in the English language.

The best way to understand a mantra is to work with it. Each mantra has a direct, specific effect on the chakra system. (In fact, the 50 seed sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet correspond with the 50 petals of our chakra system.) As the mantra formulae are intoned, the petals on the chakras vibrate in sympathetic response and the bridge to healing, from the gross physical level to the eternal cosmic consciousness, is awakened. More simply put, the mantra creates a forcefield of such positive energy that you cannot help but be affected positively. There are powerful mantras that address every possible area of personal growth, and every possible dilemma of the human condition.  The “seers” of these mantras were sages with profound understanding of human evolution, and they set out the mantras like a trail of stars for us to follow Home.

Each issue that we face, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, brings our attention to something that we do not yet understand. The learning process (aka “healing”) can take days, months, years, or lifetimes, depending on the depth of the lesson. Working with the Sanskrit mantra for a particular issue links our awareness to its root in cosmic consciousness, ultimately transcending space and time to access the pure knowing that is inherent to our own higher nature. Through this knowledge, we are empowered to unravel our  personal knots and unleash the dormant creative power that had been trapped inside. Working with a personal mantra for practical or spiritual intentions is like releasing an arrow straight to the core of the matter. It puts your destiny of soul evolution within reach, and your empowerment only as far away as the tip of your tongue.

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Anandra George is a life coach who teaches mantras and yoga, to empower clients to affect profound and lasting transformation. Practical, penetrating, and often more than a little bit goofy, she teaches on Kauai and takes private clients by phone.