chakra meanings

The first of the seven chakras of the human body is called the root chakra. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel, and the Sanskrit name of the first chakra is muladhara which means root or base.

As the name suggests, this chakra is located at the base of the spine, in between the anus and genitals. As there is energy stored under this chakra, the chakra is often called the coiled serpent. It is possible to revive and stimulate this energy by focusing on it through Kundalini yoga.

As this is the first of the seven human chakras, this is where other chakras get their power from. This is the center of physical energy, and is considered the bodys energy foundation. Once you learn to connect to this chakra, you find it easy to feed both your spiritual and physical needs as it guides you in your lifes journey.

Balanced and imbalanced 1st chakra

It is important that the first chakra is always in balance so that it helps in the free flow of energy both to and from the earth. When in balance, you feel that life is also in balance and is functions stably. A balanced first chakra gives a feeling of security and keeps filling you with active, positive energy. It is this positive energy that creates a strong feeling of community and a feeling to maintain and keep good relationships with everyone.

Sometimes, the first chakra may go out of balance. When the first chakra is in imbalance, you start feeling disconnected from others and lose your sense of belonging. Some people even start feeling over concerned with their personal security and survival when their first chakra is imbalanced. The severity of these feelings in people depends on what they had gone through in their lives in the past.

The color red

Red is the main color for the first chakra. Using red things like red clothes, red in the food you drink and food you eat and so on helps awaken this chakra. Visualizing red things like a brilliant, deep red rose or a red hibiscus create a soothing feeling within you. Eating red vegetables and fruits while working on this chakra helps a lot too.

Blocked chakra

A blocked first chakra may make you feel like there is no support in your life. Low back pain is also the first symptom you experience, which is followed by other blockages like varicose veins, polyps or tumors in the rectal region. Some people also go into depression, suffer from lack of self-esteem, get kidney problems, pain in the legs and feet and even confusion, distraction and disconnection.

With yoga and meditation that focuses on the 1st chakra, it is possible to open up the blockages in the 1st chakra and improve your physical health. You experience prosperity without attachment and start feeling centered and grounded. Once you feel grounded, life is more practical and organized and you find it much easier to handle any upsets and trauma that comes your way.