chakra meditation

While you sit and breathe, you must focus on each chakra individually. This means you should focus your attention and mind on the specific area of your body wherein the chakra is located. Do this for a few minutes while you breathe in and out normally.

After a few minutes, begin to visualize the chakra you are focusing on and begin to see it becoming brighter and brighter and more golden in color. Think of it as a jar that is being filled up with a golden bright nectar. Do this for each chakra individually.

It is important that you practice chakra breathing meditation at least once a month. The more frequently you practice it, the faster you will feel results in yourself. You will feel more energy and more love towards yourself and others. As you balance your chakras through the use of chakra breathing meditation and chakra meditation binaural beats, you’ll allow energy to flow freely inside of you, energy that has been stuck in different areas of your body for years.

Once you let go of those negative energies and allow positive, healthy, new energy to flow freely inside of you, you will see a huge change in your life, in yourself, and in the way you see life in general.

Doing chakra breathing meditation with binaural beats, you can attract health, success, prosperity, love, and a soul mate. You can also heal yourself of emotional wounds that you have been carrying around with you throughout the years. Go ahead and try it right now, I can tell you that personally, ever since I started doing chakra breathing meditation with binaural beats, it has been absolutely amazing. I feel much more at peace, happier in general, have a more positive outlook on life, and have even made new friends! My husband and I could not be happier with each other either!