chakra music


Music simply does not mean the musical notes. It also compromises of vibrations and sensations. Due to this property of music, it has been used for medical purposes for a long period of time. Music is not only for relishing but heals us too. This method of using music as therapy is called music therapy.


What if we listen to a particular amount of music a lot and get our chakras overcharged? There is no need to be concerned about exposing your body to too much of a particular sound when you try to achieve balance. Your body will absorb as much as it needs and no more. It is like a bucket of water that will simply overflow when it is at its capacity. Your body will usually let you know when it has absorbed enough of a particular sound. You simply will not have a desire for more.


So which musical note influences the different chakras?


  1. Root chakra:

The foremost chakra of the body concerns about keeping us grounded. It merges our energies with that of the universe. This is a very powerful chakra and it bears the capacity of opening other chakras to their fullest. It is associated with the musical note C.


  1. Sacral chakra:

The second chakra looks after our ability to make and express love. It deals with our passion and internal fire.

Its imbalance causes us to be cold toward others. To maintain its balance, musical note D is used.


  1. Solar plexus chakra:

Solar plexus chakra or “Manipura” is located at the navel of the body. Its function is to maintain our will power, personal power and metabolic energy. Its balance can be achieved by the musical note, E.


  1. Heart chakra:

Heart chakra or “anahata” is located the centre of the chest. Its function includes the ability to love. The balance of this chakra is attained through musical note F.


  1. Throat chakra:

Throat chakra or “Visuddha” is suituated in the throat. It looks after our ability to communicate and to give out our views and opinions. Musical note G helps in maintaining its balance.


  1. Third eye chakra:

The sixth chakra or “Ajna” is positioned at the centre of the forehead, directly between the temples. It ignites imagination and intuition in a person. Musical note A stimulates its movement.

  1. Crown chakra:

The final chakra if the body, that is, “Sahasrara” is located at the top of the head. It is the gateway for the energies to enter the body. Being at the foremost position, its health directly affects the health of other chakras too. Its musical note is B.


Musical notes not only provide leisure to us but also prove to be a great aid in chakra balancing.