chakra nature

The disc of energy found in our body that represents spiritual dimensions of soul and different parts of our body is now widely known as chakra. Healing through chakra is also known as a kind of energy healing.

It is said that when your chakras are healthy and properly used, you are going to feel really powerful and the corresponding body part of the healthy chakra will be dynamic and extraordinarily healthy. Nevertheless, when a chakra is not performing well and its energy is not moving where it should be, there will be illness in the corresponding body part of that chakra and that part of your soul will be inanimate.

In this type of energy healing, chakra that has a blockage is being checked and observed. For example, a blockage in your throat chakra can seem like a disease in your vocal chords, thus, you encounter a problem in honestly and properly communicating yourself to other people. This type of blockage looks like a subtle hint of chakra problem, however, there are more obvious type which involves physical manifestations like throat ache, headache etc.

To facilitate energy healing on subtle manifestations of chakra problem, a chakra test should be administered. The test involves asking questions about energetic aspects of your life and physical history in order to identify problems.

Questions about health of your physical body as well as motivation and direction is dealing with your Root Chakra.

One the other hand, questions relating to Sacral Chakra is about your creative and sexual energies. It involves knowing how you feel about simple emotions as well as your reproductive system’s health.

Topics about digestive system and spiritual ability is pointing to Solar Plexus Chakra while the ability to deal to form friendly relationships and other things dealing with your heart and breathing is associated with your Heart Chakra.

The Throat Chakra, as mentioned in the earlier part of the article, relates to communicating your thoughts honestly and fluently as well as physical illnesses like sore throat and jaw pain.

As for Crown Chakra, it brings up questions about your body’s capability to regulate the lymph system and to connect to ideas of universal consciousness and enlightenment.

Lastly, the Third Eye Chakra questions check your ability to sleep well, also to tap into spiritual and creative insights.

After the chakra test, energy healing can start. You will be able to zero in on the energetic and physical issues and exact blockages that hinders your capability to function as a whole person.