chakra questions

Would you like to add another layer to clearing or working within your Chakras?  Ask for help from the Chakra Angels.

Beginning with the Earth Star Chakra, the one located beneath your feet and anchored into the Earth, call upon Archangels Sandalphon and Raquel to make your work more powerful. Sandalphon is a Protector of the Earth and also a Master of Music. Sandalphon carries prayers and petitions and assists with thoughts and wishes.  With his connection to Earth he is the perfect angel to ask for help in balancing yourself. His female partner, Raquel also works with balance, harmony and order.

When working with the Base Chakra, the one located at the base of the trunk of your body, ask for  AA Gabriel and AA Hope. Gabriel and Hope will help with deeply rooted habits and addictions that are held in the Base Chakra.  If there are abuse issues, they will help with inner purification so that you are able to absolve those memories and lead a full, confident life.

AA Uriel and AA Aurora work with the Solar Plexus and your creativity.  The Solar Plexus is one of the places where we manifest what we need or desire. If you are feeling stuck or need to create prosperity, call up Uriel and Aurora to jump start the energy to help this Chakra operate properly.

The Heart Chakra is assisted by Archangels Chamuel and Charity.  Chamuel energizes a strong heart.  Call upon him when you need to be brave whether physically or spiritually.  Charity will help you find compassion in your heart for those around you and for yourself too.

The Great Defenders, Michael and Faith help with the Throat Chakra.  As God spoke and created, so too are we able to create through our Throat Chakra.  Michael is most famous for his sword that cuts through to the truth, whatever the circumstance may be.

Also a defender as Michael, Faith is someone who will help you keep the faith of truth and justice.  Call upon her if you feel you are being treated unfairly, especially in the courts.

The Third Eye and healing are the responsibility of Archangels Raphael and Mary.  They help keep us healthy through our emotions and feelings, bringing clarity to situations through another perspective (our Third Eye).

The Archangel for the Crown Chakra is Christiel who will help you keep this channel open so that you are fully connected to The Universal Force. If you want to find your Crown Chakra, think of the soft spot on a baby’s head.  That’s where it is located.

Call upon  AA Zadkiel and AA Mariel when working with your Soul Star Chakra.  Located above our physical heads, the Soul Star Chakra is directly connected to the Purple Ray, whose purpose is to help us see ourselves clearly, our authentic selves and to recognize our Divine Potential. Work with the Chakra is you can’t see to find why you have come into the incarnation.

Finally, the Stellar Gate is maintained by Metatron and Seraphina. The Eye of God, the Still Point, here is where we connect to our life’s purpose.  Located out in the Auric Field, the Stellar Gate gifts us with perceptive thoughts and a larger consciousness.  Work with Metatron and Seraphina to find your life’s purpose. Metatron and Saraphina also focus on peace and love for your life.

Each of these Archangels are ready and willing to help you work within your Chakras to change your being and your life.  They are easily assessable through meditation, prayer or a simple help.  You will find your work more powerful if you use the assistance of Archangels.