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Ladies who desire to select perfectly fitting bikini sets for themselves have to first consider their own body type and then decide what is to be accentuated and what should be defocused, because bikini is such a critical swimming suit that a slight miscalculation in their size can show out all your fat stores. But you you should not be discouraged about venturing to get a swimwear when summer approaches and you dream to take the pleasure of the beach.

It will be better if you try all the old bikinis and think on in which of them, you look great. It cannot happen always that what looked great in the last season will be a hit this season also. Our body is changed in its size and also color, which we never realize so clearly. It is probable that you have gained or lost some kilos. The former will turn up your last summers most beautiful bikini look dug into you skin whereas the later will make it look fell down. It may even happen that your skin color has been darkened this year, compared to last season, or vice versa.

Your shape may be rectangular, the characteristic of which is that your hips, waistline and bust are of same measurement; or it can be triangular, which is characterized by that your shoulders are broader than the lower parts of your body; or else, it can be pear-shaped the characteristic of which is that your hips are broader than the upper body portion. And you can also be lucky to have a curvy figure, the characteristic of which is that your figure is simply perfectly proportionate. It is even possible that your body may be a combination of two of these types. You should recognize it and select the bikini sets accordingly.

As a rule, it can be said that, you must don on something with embellishments, dark color, horizontal lines, deep cuts etc. on the parts of the body which we require to play up and vertical lines, light color and no embellishment on the portions of the body which we desire to downplay. Hence if your butt are broad and chest is dainty, select the top of your swimwear with horizontal lines, large prints or embellishment. You can also use padding to build the appearance of a pronounced bustline. And for broader shoulders and smaller hips, select the bottom of your swimming suit having large prints, rings, belt and so on. For a heavy bustline, a top having an underwire is most suitable for added support. With a bikini you dont have to worry about the your torso length though. So also, you have to remember never to get a bikini of bigger measurements, because after getting wet, it becomes loose; so get an exact measurements.

If you want to do an online shopping for bikini, first carefully check all the sites and choose those which are reputable and can be communicated afterwards through phone, so that if you encounter some difficulty afterwards, you can immediately solve it. It is advised that first you go to an actual store and choose a bikini which will suit you the most, try it and later look for that piece on an online shop for reasonable cost.