chakra symbols

Symbols of Night is an exciting original canvas painting that adopts modern, abstract, calligraphic and traditional ideals, and melds them together to synthesize an eye-pleasing work of art. This painting features traditional Asian symbols at its center. These symbols are showcased more strongly by the moon-like orb behind them, and the bands of color passing through them. The background colors highlight and contrast the focal point, and the far edges of the piece introduce interesting textures that give the painting great tonality and a more contemporary feel. The way that Symbols of Night is able to combine both traditional and modern sensibilities is a remarkable, and it is this quality that makes Symbols of Night fit so well into any living space. With colors that are at once exhilarating and bright, as well as muted and mysterious, this painting will appeal to many tastes and decorative styles. With it’s many facets- from concrete symbols to more abstract shapes and the suggestion of shapes, this painting will not fail to be noticed!

Another dynamic element of Shades of Night is its design. This painting is spread across three separate panels. The moon fills up most of the center panel, with the symbols applied on top. On the outlying panels the viewer experiences pure color, as the reds, oranges and greens of this piece are allowed space to flourish. This design increases the modern appeal of Symbols of Night and gives the painting a new school charm that is hard to deny. Additionally, this design makes the painting so easy to hang! You can explore different possibilities for mounting this painting on your wall- whether you would like to space out or stagger the individual pieces, or whether you would simply like to display them as they are seen here.

The choice is yours, and that is a rare experience. If you would like to find more art that straddles a fine line between different words, you may want to investigate our African Canvas section, where you will find vibrant colors and traditional landscapes. One painting you may be particularly drawn too if you enjoy the mood of Symbols of Night is Blue Hurricane, another abstract piece with a dynamic design.