chakra therapy

The primary drive associated with the Root Chakra is survival. It is the most instinctive of all the chakras. Food, clothing, shelter and protection are the necessities to which it responds. Located at the base of the spine, this chakra is the unseen gravitational force that joins our spirit to our bodies and our bodies to the physical world. Mistrust, you may have unbalanced root chakra. Learn root chakra healing techniques in our “Chakras for Beginners” series.

  • Color: deep red
  • Element: earth
  • Location: base of spine, perineum
  • Associated body parts: coccyx, anus, large intestine, adrenal glands, back, legs, feet, bones
  • Basic issues: safety, survival, shelter, groundedness, nourishment, self-esteem, trust, boundaries, physical health
  • Gemstones and crystals: garnet, onyx, smoky quartz
  • Flower essences: blackberry, clematis, corn
  • Essential oils:bergamot, sandalwood, vetiver
  • Food: protein (e.g., soy, tofu, nuts, legumes)

Signs of Unbalanced First Chakra:

People with Root Chakra issues constantly fear for their own survival. Isolation, abandonment and mistrust of others are common feelings. These emotions often impair the individual’s ability to secure basic necessities such as a satisfying job, a partner, a home and friends. This person may also be obsessed with material wealth, feel there is never enough and is therefore always in pursuit of more. Other symptoms include:

  • Emotional or mental issues: fear, anxiety, insecurity, vulnerability, worry, grief, depression, self-centeredness, disconnection, numbness, distrust, low self-esteem, greed
  • Physical issues: lower back pain, sciatica, obesity, anorexia, constipation, hemorrhoids, prostate problems, varicose veins
  • Common addictions: food, alcohol, sex

Root Chakra Healing: When your first chakra is balanced, the vital connection to life is strong and supported. Our foundation is secure. We feel safe, grounded, alive, and peaceful. A strong sense of belonging prevails; we can form connections to others and trust in them.

Try this root chakra healing exercise: Sit on the ground, preferably outside in natural surroundings. Visualize your spine extending downward, deep into the ground. Now, visualize a nearby tree. Picture your spine growing roots which intermingle with the roots of the tree. Once you’ve cemented this visualization, begin to focus on your excess mental energy. Simply acknowledge it without judgment or getting swept up in your own inner-dialogue. Channel that energy down your spine where it dissipates into the earth. Also, imagine that you can draw positive energy from the tree roots, back up through your spine and into your body.

Other Root Chakra healing activities:

  • Any physical activity (yoga, walking, hiking, running, biking);
  • Communing with nature by spending time in a park or gardening;
  • Thrill-seeking activities such as amusement park rides, sky-diving, bungee-jumping, etc. (with adequate safety measures in place);
  • Hold or wear red gemstones such as garnet, ruby, tourmaline. 

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