chakra tones


A phone “rings” or gives its owner a signal when the network it is using receives an incoming call. It notifies and informs the user about urgent alerts. The sound generated when there is an incoming telephone call is known to be called as “telephone ring.” The term originated from the fact that the early telephones from olden times had this ringing mechanism consisting of bells that clap together to strike the bells so to produce a ringing sound. This old as Methuselah system is up to now, most of us are benefitting from. Therefore, from the name itself, a ringtone is something of an audible sound that indicates an incoming text message or call.

In this technology developed generation, who would still want to have a ringtone that has its literal “ring-ring” or “beep-beep” sound? Who, in this modern world, would like to hear the very first ringtone from Alexander Graham Bell’s invention? As cool as the people nowadays, so they would like to have a very cool tone for their mobile phones. In fact, mobile consumers are very willing to pay a sum of money just to have a ready-made mobile music that in return makes it so profitable for the music industry.

SMS tones are the tunes we hear when we happen to receive a text message. Like ring tones which alert the recipient of a certain call, SMS tones are the beeps we hear that notifies us when we receive a text message. You can download your chosen SMS tone or you can record on your own. One can be very creative and add an art when it comes to your SMS or ring tones if you want to stand out and be different.

Thanks to many mobile music providers, there are now various SMS tones available. You can now enjoy as many SMS tones as you want by simply downloading the codes that will be given by the network you are using, and there you go! The latest music trend you desire will immediately be your ringtone. So what are you waiting for? Download now and have the latest song to alert you when someone texts!