chakra vibrational healing

Vibrational healing can be found through many modalities of healing. Often, people who are not well will fall into the mainstream methods of healing such as cancer treatment, top surgeons, may have to offer. This is because in times of sickness and potential fatal diseases, people like to use what they are familiar with. Although they may have never had a disease before, or even known anyone that was ill in this way, the remedy on most people’s minds is something like radiation therapy, which hospitals offer or chemotherapy, due to the frequency of times we hear this bantered about in association with diseases. People like comfort and comfort is something they need during these times. Although these methods may appeal to some and have shown some positive results, there are other methods of healing around.

The various forms that vibrational healing may come in are-

* Acupuncture healing or acupressure. These are where either needles or simply hands are placed in or on meridians of the body. Meridians are energy paths that run through our bodies. Sometimes these meridians can become blocked due to stress, anger, and a plethora of other emotions. Also, illness can block them. Acupuncture and acupressure simply open up these paths to allow the energy to flow. If you put gasoline in your car but your tank is full of cheese, your car is not going anywhere. Much like humans, if we are blocked, certain things in our body to not work or flow, this can also cause sickness.

* Sound healing—allowing certain sounds to heal us.

* Crystal healing which uses Earth’s crystals to create energetic freedom within.

Massage is a type of healing-

* Shiatsu—this is a Japanese type of healing that is massage.

* And various other forms of Chinese massage, Rolfing etc.

Types of muscle testing healing are-

* Neuro-Emotional Technique or NET—this is where muscle testing is used to pinpoint what’s wrong in the body and mind.

It can be used also very effectively to discover certain unconscious emotions that are causing blockages, which stop us from moving forward in life whether it is financially, peacefully, happily, etc. Often our emotions are the things that got us sick in the first place. Looking into this can be a great start.

* TFT or EFT—Thought Field Therapy or Emotional Freedom Technique is similar to NET is that it used thoughts and emotions that are raised within us and then simply tapped away. They are both tapping techniques and can be very helpful to get rid of emotions that cause us unhappiness. (The difference between TFT/EFT and NET, is that with NET, you do not need to ‘get into the feeling’ of the emotion. This can be very helpful as sometimes often the things lurking beneath the surface we do not want to face emotionally.

There is a plethora of other techniques not mentioned here, however these methods are more than a fabulous start and you may not even need to go any further than the ones listed above. Before you go running to the doctor to seek the typical methods offered, you may want to consider healing from a holistic perspective first. There is always more than one option.