explain reiki

Reiki was first founded in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui. He was a Japanese Buddhist Christian minister and schoolteacher.  He decided to embark on a 10 year mission to the U.S.A. for further enlightenment. After 7 years he became disillusioned and decided that he could not find what he was looking for, and eventually returned to Japan. He lived in a Tibetan monastery to study the life of Buddha and the Sanskrit teachings of India.

During this time Dr. Usui went to mount Kuruama to meditate for 21 days, while fasting and exercising. Later, while descending the mountain Dr. Usui was stunned by a light ray shinning into his third eye (the area in the middle of the forehead above the bridge of the nose). This light was accompanied by a vision of him doing great healing work.

Subsequently he found out that he could heal people by mystical meditative ways. This was the beginning of Reiki. (Jesus is also believed to have used this type of healing).
Dr. Ushi died from a stroke in 1926. During his lifetime he had great success healing many people. He was very active with his daily healings, particularly after the earthquake in 1923 and all the injuries that this ensued. During these later years he trained Chujiro Hayashi to be his disciple and also become a grand master of the art.

After Dr. Usui’s death, Chujiro carried on the teachings and healings and also introduced some hand movements to the therapy.

While in Japan, a lady called Hawayo Takata who had been treated at Hayashi’s clinic for four 4 months, was overwhelmed when she was totally cured by her Reiki treatment. She was then also trained for some years until she gained her grand master status.

After this she returned to Hawaii and opened her own clinic. It was at this time, that the real effectiveness of the treatment spread to the western world.

Today Hawayo Takata’s granddaughter Phyllis Lei Furumoto, still teaches Reiki to this day, and continues to spread the word of its healing around the world.

The name Reiki is derived from Japan. “Rei” means universal and “ki” means energy. We and everything all around us is made up of the same energy. Speaking is energy, our emotions and thoughts are energy. When we have negative thoughts and don’t release them, we keep them inside and these lodge as blockages in our mind. This negativity causes an imbalance. The negative emotions fill up in the stomach area and cause diseases. The life force energy comes from the source of the universe, and can be used to clear, energise and rebalance.

To use the energy we must allow this universal energy to enter into the top of the head, where it can go to our heart and subsequently exudes out of the body through our hands. We all have the potential to use this energy if we open up to it and believe in its existence.

Reiki energy is understood to be a spiritual healing process that has been passed down from generations. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter where the energy started or how it began, the important thing about it is the fact that no matter where you are, the result of this energy is always positive. The power of Reiki will not bring any adverse effects to the person’s body. A recipient should understand what it can do for them and accept whatever power is bestowed. When a person accepts the power of the Reiki with an open mind, only good can result.

The level of energy transmitted depends upon the Reiki practitioner and their belief in the power of this healing art. This action requires complete relaxation and deep focus in order to conduct the process and channel the energy properly. The Reiki specialist usually moves their hands slowly, positioning them a few inches above the receiver’s body.

Through different studies and experiments, the power of Reiki has become better understood. It allows a practitioner to send positive energy to the recipient. It has also been proven that a hands-off healing technique has equally the same healing powers as the hands-on treatment, and sometimes even more so.

The sending of energy by distant healing is also effectively directed by the more qualified practitioners. Clients who go through this healing process have reported amazing changes in their health conditions. More people are trying and discovering the effectiveness of Reiki in their own lives, both as therapist and patient.

A recipient of this therapy does not need to study the ancient healing therapy, but by understanding the beauty and influence of Reiki, the receiver will recognise the difference it has on their body. It takes time before the process is complete, and patience is needed after each rejuvenating session. There is sufficient evidence that this method of healing is more than just a placebo effect, and considerable benefits can be manifested by having Reiki treatment. Open up to its possibilities and you may be amazed.