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This is why we have seen a huge rise in the number of free personality tests. But are they all the same?

The most common application is as a job test. With these reports you make better career decisions.

Most people are in the wrong job and unhappy in their work, so it looks like more people could benefit from taking a job test as it would prevent you from choosing the wrong career for your personality type.

Some of the free personality tests are quite good. An example can be found at job test The questionnaire is short and it only takes about 3 minutes to complete.

The tests vary from time to time. Sometimes it is a job test other times it is about some other aspect of your personality.

Not all the free tests are good however so be warned. Some are OK for a bit of fun but if you are going to use them to make any serious career decisions then you want to make sure you are using a test that you can depend upon.

Normally speaking they will have their routes in the research of Carl Jung, the father of behavioural psychology. His work has influenced most of the professional systems. The PeopleMaps system is based on Jungian psychology and although you get a free and fun version this is still based on sound psychology.

Normally with the free reports you are provided with a limited service. Either the report is short or the questionnaire is limited. It is likely that both will be the case. You still get quite accurate results but not as accurate as completing the full length questionnaire.

Free reports tend to just provide the merest glimpse into your personality but it allows you to try it before you buy anything.

There is no single personality test format.

Personality affects every aspect of your life so the possibilities are limitless as to what the report could talk about.

It is normal that people get caught up on strengths and weaknesses but this is an extremely limited view of what personality reports can offer you. Indeed Jung did not believe in “weaknesses” and referred to them as overused strengths.

A “weakness” is entirely subjective. It depends upon the environment. In some environments a personality trait may be seen as a weakness in others it may be seen as essential.

At the heart of personality is the fact that there are no right or wrong answers and there is no right or wrong personality. It’s all relative to the environment.

It is important you remember this the next time you order up your personality test. Do not fall in to the trap is seeing it as a judgement of you and a list of things you must fix. It is merely an assessment of what is.