free reiki distance healing

I believe we are entering a new era where vibrational medicine will be at the forefront of health care in this country. With our current health care crisis, too many uninsured Americans, disillusionment with the current medical system, and more open and progressive thinking, the energy is clear for alternative health care to make a strong comeback.

Doctors are now learning to do acupuncture and energy healing is being taught in nursing schools around the country. The reason our current medical system is opening up to vibrational medicine, is because it works! One session of energy healing can release imbalances that are causing stress and manifesting as disease. Energy healing gets to the very root of the problem, healing emotional issues at their core. Just like a computer, our subconscious mind can literally be reprogramed. A session of energy healing can identify limiting beliefs, remove them, and replace them with something more positive and life affirming.

Distance Healing works for physical ailments as well. It works for pain,disease, rashes, allergies. breathing difficulties, digestive problems, depression and so much more. As an energy healer, I don’t make any promises on what can or cannot be healed but I do see a miracle in my practice every single day! There are no limits to where healing’s can take place. I have successfully healed clients around the world.

Different healers use different methods of sending energy remotely. I personally use crystals and stones because not only does it help me heal effectively, I am able diagnose as well. Priceless information has been gleaned from these sessions. If there is a disease or symptom that requires more than energy healing alone, which is sometimes the case, I can let you know that as well.

Every situation is unique. Sometimes its just a matter of recommending the right hormones and making adjustments to get your system back into balance.

If you are seeking a holistic approach to healing, distance healing will work for you. I offer Intensive Healing’s Sessions that not only identify energy blockages and limiting beliefs, we also find the source of the disease and attack it at it very root. I send love and light, love heals.

One session is life transforming. As an Intuitive Healer I receive messages from spirit that now only help you heal, they offer guidance to get you on the right path. For an Intuitive Healing Session that will put you back on the road to wellness you can contact me at