guided chakra meditation

Meditation can easily be defined as a practice in which the one trains their minds to induce a mode of consciousness. The term meditation actually comes from the Latin word Meditation. This literally means thinking. People meditate because of various reasons and in different ways. If you are reading this and you have never meditated before, then I recommend a guided meditation for you. A guided meditation is where you meditate with the help of an instructor.

There are several benefits acquired from practicing meditation, below are some of the benefits that you can achieve when meditating.

Meditation helps to cope up with stress. Normally stress is caused by different reasons. Some of the reasons are love problems, economic difficulties, job losses and sicknesses. This practice gives you the chance to think of the causes and the solutions. While thinking, your mind is occupied by positive thoughts which decrease the stress level.

It enables one to let go of the past. The daily practice of this act helps one to easily let go of sad situations. Be it death in the family, accidents or loss of property. Forgetting such incidences is normally very hard because people are emotionally affected by them. Practicing meditation can help people to let go of painful thoughts in their minds so they can get in positive vibration and looking at things in a positive perspective.

It also helps to relax the body. There are different ways of relaxation when meditating.

You need to identify one with which you are comfortable. Relaxing your body in this act helps to place the nervous system into the right position. This also helps to avoid health problems with both the spinal cord and the nervous system. With the help of a guide, there is completely no way you will hurt yourself as you only do what the instructor tell you.

It helps to fight sleep problems. Once in a while we fail to sleep. This normally happens during hard times for example when you have lost a loved one, when we have financial crisis or when we are sick. The reason this happens is because the mind completely fails to relax. In this scenario, meditation is the right thing to do.

All in all a guided meditation is the only way you will benefit faster from the practice. With a guided meditation you do not have to think about what to do, you only do what the instructions need you to do.

Suzanne Eltink is a professional spiritual and personal development trainer. Her Angel Meditation has shown thousands of people the wonderful gifts of new information, re-connection, appreciation, clarity, acceptance and awareness which ultimately helped them to truly know themselves and to transcended these experiences and come to a place of Understanding and Higher Consciousness. Her aim is to focus on using your: inner feelings, Wisdom, Faith, Courage, self acceptance, confidence, Forgiveness and Unconditional Love through Guided Meditation.