healing chakras


We are all aware of the fact that there are 7 chakras in our body which rule, guide, function and manipulate our thoughts, actions and ideas. We just do not have the seven major chakras but accompanying them are millions of tiny chakras that are present in our body. These chakras regulate different parts of our body and personality; therefore, we cannot afford the imbalance of any chakra.


The health or imbalances of these chakras have a direct affect on our well being. Their health keep provide us with incredible harmony, peace and happiness. We tend to feel complete in ourselves and people call us as “glowing”. At the other end of the island, when there is an over-flow or deficiency of energies in the chakras, we are faced with many life threatening troubles. To know how these chakras affect our lives, here is a synopsis of true posts of the people from different parts of the world who undertook chakra healing process to balance their respective chakras.


Matt, 21, Boston; “I was the captain of my college’s basketball team. As the head of the clan, I was expected to be quick, energetic and most of all I had to bind everyone in unity. However, I didn’t feel quite energetic or social. I was behaving totally opposite of what was expected of me and moreover, I was unaware of the reason. When I followed the chakra healing program, I got to know that my root chakra had blocked. The process helped me in a great way.”


Amy, 27, Cape Town; “My husband and I have been together and in love for six years now. Conversely, the picture was somewhat different at the time we got married. I had developed a fear of sexual activities and couldn’t stand him touching me. This wasn’t normal and I was aware of it. I tried chakra healing program and found out my sacral chakra blocked. The second of the 7 chakras is responsible for love and passion. After the program, harmony was restored in our paradise.”


Salim, 65, Dubai; “I have been blessed with a beautiful wife and doting children. After both of my children got married, my wife and I moved to another city. I was a caring father but there is a fine line between caring and paranoid. After a few months, I caught my being worried about my children’s well being a lot. It went to such an extent that I couldn’t concentrate on my own life. My wife would try to calm me down but instead I struggled to make her see my point of view, that she should be worried too. I enrolled myself for chakra healing program and found out that my third eye chakra was blocked. After the treatment, my anxiety level came down and I was at peace with myself.”


There are numerous stories of people all across the globe who have combated the imbalances of the 7 chakras to lead a more happy and harmonious life.