healing hands reiki

Reiki Hands on healing or energy healing is becoming more popular with people of all ages. This type of energy healing work has been performed by just about all cultures in some form since time began. Healers understand the power of hands on healing and know that the healing people receive from their healing sessions comes from the Universe. A healer does not heal people they are only the channel for Diving healing energy. Traditional medicine is failing and people are searching for answers as to why they feel like they do and are also looking for answers to heal themselves to make them feel better and happier. Reiki is a well known form of hands on healing. To become a Reiki Channel you need to receive a sacred Reiki Attunement from a qualified Reiki Master. Following this attunement process you will be able to channel the healing energies to heal yourself and others for the rest of your life.

Reiki energy is present in everyone, and everyone can easily learn Reiki – the only prerequisite to learn Reiki is a desire to do so. Reiki energy healing heals using vibrational healing energy and the palms of your hands. A Reiki healer channels energy in through their feet and the energy passes out through the palms of their hands. This is a simple process which requires no effort or concentration by the Reiki channel. Reiki energy is of extremely high intelligence and knows intuitively where to go within the body to heal and heals on all levels physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Often people are drawn to Reiki in times of desperation when nothing else has worked or a friend has recommended it may help them. Many people are very skeptical about Reiki although following a healing session they are amazed at the deeps sense of relaxation and peace they feel.

A Reiki practitioner should never promise any specific outcome from the session as healing energy is intelligent and will heal for the highest good of all.

Consequently a person may go for a healing session on their sinus problem and find that their lower back pain has disappeared. There are many different forms of hands on healing or energy healing although the basis of all these different modalities is energy healing. Some other forms of energy healing include Seichim, Sekhem, Magnified Healing, and Pranic Healing.

Clients often arrive with no idea of what is involved in a healing session or what the outcome will be. It is important to arrive at a healing session with an open mind and just allow the energy to flow and do all the work. During a healing session your body is doing all the work including cleansing and clearing negative energy and blockages. Many people find themselves deeply relaxed and often fall asleep unaware of the energy healing process they are undergoing. In the days, weeks and months the benefits of the healing session will become apparent and often people will book another healing session. Some people have daily, weekly or monthly Reiki session depending on their needs, although those who enjoy or require ongoing healing often learn to perform their own healing sessions.