how to use chakra

Every single day more and more people get to know about the chakras. Though the science of chakras was previously associated with Indian traditional medicine, it is now noted that almost all races and people from different backgrounds are using them to improve their lives. Chakras can simply be defined as energy points in the body of human beings.

If you have just come across the word chakras and want to know what they are, you must ask yourself how on earth they work. I asked myself the same question when I first heard of them. I could not recall any word like chakras in my biology lessons. Now you know what they are, but the big question still remains about how to use the 7 chakras.

There are various ways of using these chakras. Some people make use of them through performing yoga, others by mantra chanting, while still others use them through meditation. All these acts can help you to start using your chakras. One thing you need to take note of is that the 7 chakras all have different responsibilities. Activating the wrong chakra to solve a particular problem will not yield any results.

The first thing you will need to do is to identify your problem. You need to know if your problem is physical, emotional or mental. With this in mind you will evoke the right chakra for the job. For example, if you physically cause pain to yourself all the time, you may need to work with the root chakra, or if you have sexual problems like impotence, the right chakra to use is the sacral chakra and so on.

Before using any of the chakras, the first chakra to be opened is the root chakra. This is simply because of the fact that it is the foundation of the system. The reason why it is the most important is because it deals with survival, purity and the physical body.

Even though meditation is useful to increase ones concentration, concentration is the most important part when it comes to meditation. To have an effective meditation, you need full concentration. For starters you may find this very difficult, but remember that nothing is easy. Always try to give it your best shot and within few days you will realize that you can concentrate easily and quickly. You can save yourself some time by buying guided meditation DVDs to help you use your 7 chakras.