online reiki courses

The art of Reiki is one of self-realization, as well as an alternative healing art. That is a factor that a lot of people don’t recognize. With Reiki classes online you can receive an exposure to both.

Such courses on the internet are very flexible. You need not lose out on quality education if you pick from the better Reiki courses online.

But can classes on the internet be as good as classroom-based training? Is it reasonable to hope that is the case?

The answer is yes! There are two aspects of Reiki which contribute to this reality.

You already contain the healing energy flowing in you. If you partake of training, either via courses online, or as a result of old-fashioned courses, the Master is only giving you an empowerment, by educating you to engage the energy you already yourself have in you – which is all the energy you will require for healing and / or self-realization. The Master does not transfer anything to you, he activates your energy and informs you how to use it effectively. But you do have to use a Master to get the attunement to this wonderful healing and self-realization art!

Also, your graduation is reliant not on where the teacher is situated. Instead, it is the qualifications of the Master that count. That is the key. That is all that is important. A poor attunement is of no use, and your healing energy will not be optimized!

Experienced Masters understand this reality, and noted a lot of poor quality educators charging people for Reiki knowledge, both online and in person.

That is why certain of the vastly qualified Masters developed Reiki classes on the Internet as a result of their annoyance – to make sure that everybody had access to this wonderful healing art! Instead of only those nearby!

Accordingly, you may select Reiki courses online, once you ensure that the Master making available the Reiki classes is pedigreed and highly qualified.