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How you can Reduce your Stress levels in just Two Days

Imagine having a renewed sense of energy on waking every morning. Would you like to be more relaxed in how you think? How about having the energy you need to enjoy your children and balance a busy work life and your family. If you would like a life more in the flow, then a Reiki course might be the answer for you.

About Reiki

Reiki is a form of natural healing. It is a gentle energy therapy which everyone can benefit from. The two ways to experience Reiki are to have a reiki treatment or to learn how to do Reiki for yourself by attending a Reiki 1 Course.

What is involved in having a Reiki treatment?

A Reiki treatment is a very relaxing experience. It takes one hour. You remain fully clothed, only removing your shoes if you wish to for comfort. During the Reiki treatment, you lie down on a comfortable massage table, unless you are unable to get on to the table. A Reiki chair treatment is given in such situations.
Reiki practitioners may ask you to remove heavy jewellery before the treatment. Reiki is non manipulative. The practitioner uses a sequence of Reiki positions on or over the body. The Reiki energy is then absorbed by the client, going to where it is needed. Sensations felt during Reiki treatments can include heat, tingling or a cool sensation. Most clients drift into a deep state of relaxation and many clients fall asleep.

The Benefit of attending a Reiki 1 Course

A Reiki 1 class is very beneficial because you learn how to administer Reiki to yourself.

At Reiki 1 courses you are shown how to do a self Reiki treatment, so that you can use Reiki on an ongoing basis at home. Imagine being able to experience deep relaxation every day. The beauty of Reiki is that it is easy to learn and easy to give to oneself. You could even give yourself some Reiki on a bus or train on your way to work. Every time you use Reiki, you empower your energy reserves and also help to reduce your stress levels. Most Reiki 1 classes are held over two days.

Hospitals recognise the many benefits of Reiki

Reiki is gaining increasing respect within conventional medicine. Not only are highly respected hospitals offering reiki treatments to their patients, they are also now analyzing the benefits of reiki treatments and submitting them for review.
New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Campus conducted one of the first studies ever performed to determine the effectiveness of Reiki treatments on the autonomic nervous system. This “blind, random study” included a Reiki treatment group, a “sham” treatment group and a “control” group. The testing began with all participants at “baseline” autonomic nervous systems levels. The results within the Reiki treatment group showed a lowering of these levels including heart rate, respiration and blood pressure. These positive results led the team to recommend further, larger studies to look at the biological effects of Reiki treatment.

Reiki Training in Ireland

Reiki in Ireland has grown in popularity in the last ten years. Reiki courses and Reiki classes in Dublin, are held on an ongoing basis. As Reiki is unregulated, ensure you research your Reiki teacher before signing up for your Reiki class. Angela Gorman a former nurse is a Reiki teacher who has been teaching Reiki in Dublin since 1996.

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