reiki crystals

Crystals are used in the practice of Reiki. The crystals are not a must but they are another dimension to the Reiki experience. Reiki is based on the change in energy fields in the body and the matching of Reiki crystals to the change enhances the treatment. The crystals are beautiful to look at but their main purpose though is to amplify the Reiki healing.

The list is long of the crystals that can be used in the Reiki experience, but here are a few more common ones.

Amethyst is a beautiful translucent purple to clear colored stone that resonates to the Reiki experience. It serves to heighten the consciousness and help forge a connection to the divine; Aventurine is pale to mid green semi-translucent. This stone has connections to both healing and nature, and can helplessness heartache or sorrow; Blue Lace Agate is a pale blue stone and has quartz running through it. The Reiki courses teach this stone has been used for many years as a healing stone.

Citrine, another Reiki crystal varies in color from pale yellow to a golden orange. Reiki courses teach that citrine helps promote wisdom and energy.

Clear Quartz, the Reiki courses suggest helps promote the removal of blockages, as well a cleansing.

Gold Tiger Eye is a banded stone that is brown and golden yellow with a shimmery cat eye effect. Reiki courses suggest that Gold Tiger Eye helps with strength, grounding and material matters and is a stone of protection.

Hematite is opaque and looks black with a metallic sheen, very dense and heavy. Many suggest hematite has associations with fate and predestined events.

The Reiki crystal Red Jasper is also opaque, a deep terracotta color.

Red jasper is useful to tell the difference between what is and what is not and to help inspire creativity.

Rose Quartz is translucent and pink. It is a soothing stone that has the properties of forgiveness, comfort and softness. It is great for all things related to feminine reproductive anatomy.

Another Reiki crystal, often mentioned is Snowflake Obisdian, a black crystal with white spots. This stone helps to clear blockages and guide one in the right direction. It also helps give motivation and encouragement by helping one to recognize their potential.

Snow Quartz, a white, opaque stone. This Reiki crystal is known for cleansing and rejuvenation for body and mind.

Sodalite is a blue opaque stone that often has veins of white running through it. Reiki teach that solalite helps one to feel more youthful, bringing joy and relieving a heavy heart.

Unakite is Reiki crystal that is pale green and salmon colored. It is taught that it is great for harmonizing, balancing and blending energy. It helps with grounding and can help resolve conflict.

This is just a few of the many Reiki crystal wonders mentioned in Reiki courses. Reiki crystals can be fun and will cause no harm unless you throw them at someone. A little warning, when the Reiki crystals are used in Reiki they have a way of disappearing. So instead of being upset, just hope they found a wonderful new home. Reiki crystals rock!