reiki healing

Holistic healing works with the practice of looking after ones health as a whole and not just the physical condition. It gives importance to developing a sense of balance in the mind and the soul, thus creating complete rejuvenation. A common theme in the different varieties of holistic treatments is the great importance that is given to finding the balance between the mind, body and soul. Much of the interest in alternative medicine revolves around reiki therapy that aims at relieving stress in the body.

Considered to have originated in Japanese culture, it signifies impart of spiritual energy through sacred intercession. In fact, the word reiki translates into scared strength. It includes the use of palms to transmit energy for healing purposes. A key feature in reiki healing is creating equilibrium between the two energy forces. Reiki believers subscribe to the belief that the condition of a person in the doldrums will worsen when there is transfer of energy with an animated person.

People go in for reiki healing in order to develop a sense of balance and completeness within themselves as well as replace negative vibes within the body with positive ones by creating a sense of harmony and security with the world.

Treatment involved

There are no specifications that need to be fulfilled in order to take part in a reiki session. In this holistic treatment, the practitioner will rest his hands on the various parts of the body which he or she feels is in stress alleviation. In most cases, the patient is situated in a sleeping position, awaiting the transfer of energy. The healing takes place from the top to down position, with the healers hands moving from the head to the lower half of the body. The hands are suitably arranged to allow maximum transfer of energy.

Reiki Goodness

An important aspect about a reiki healing session is that the healer as well as the patient can gain positive energy and mind relaxation through this healing process. In fact, proponents of reiki state that both participants require active participation for a successful session.

Another reason for the popularity of reiki is that the knowledge can be passed on as an essential part of reiki healing involves the reiki master educating his pupil on the various tenets of holistic healing including the symbols and the hand arrangements during the therapy session. Reiki teachings have three sets of learning in which the first two are completed in a full day session whereas the final one entails a lengthier class that is referred to as attunement. In this event, the student studies the various hand positions that facilitate the unlocking of the head, heart as well as the palm chakras that enable flow of the rei energy.