reiki healing tips

Reiki is a healing technique that originated in Japan in the early part of the 20th century. Mikao Usui, a Japanese man who is said to have come up with this technique by initially being intrigued the miracle done by Lord Buddha and Jesus Christ and wanted to know the secret behind their healing power. He was actually interested in knowing the reason for their abundant power, even after hours of work in a day. They didn’t seem to lose any energy even after healing so many people in a day. He researched the various aspect of their healing power and after months of research, he finally reached the conclusion that the human body contains abundant energy and by controlling the mind, one can increase the energy available to many levels.

Soon, the term Reiki was coined to signify the relaxation technique of using the power of mind to increase the energy available in the body. The term “KI” in the Reiki indicates life energy. Soon the technique began popular and by the end of the world war, many people in Europe began to use this technique as a healing mechanism. Thus, it began spreading across the globe over a period of time.

Reiki followers consider that the human body contains energy fields through their body. By using certain mind controlling techniques and hand symbols, one can increase the energy level in a particular energy field to many levels. There are certified Reiki masters who have been doing this for a number of years. Students willing to learn the methodology have to through a process called attunement, in which the master will provide the necessary symbols which represent the different energy fields available in the human body. By using the symbols, one can actually activate the energy in their body and make it rise to a completely different level.

There are also certain underlying basic principles based on which the Reiki system formulated by Mikao Usui works.

These principles called the original principles advise the student not to get angry, to be thankful, to be kind to others and to perform the daily work diligently.  Finally, Reiki can be learned by anyone in this world. There is no caste or religious discrimination to become a master in Reiki. It’s not just those who have serious health problems should do this. This can be done by people who want to enjoy each and every moment in their life.