reiki symbols

Reiki therapy was introduced by a Japanese Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui in the year 1922 and was used as an alternative to conventional medicinal practices. It was claimed that Reiki carried immense healing powers that was emanated from the transfer of energy from one body to another. Reiki is a non-invasive healing  process that primarily focuses on re-balancing the power within the body. The power re-balancing is achieved through attunement, which re-synchronized body’s natural energy to bring it in equilibrium state. In the reiki treatment the healing hands of the practitioner’s is primarily utilized to obtain the healing strength that is greatly enhanced through Reiki symbols. Reiki symbols are considered just like switches that connect the learner with the energy. The symbols of Reiki look like ordinary Japanese writing and has great power behind them.

Symbols of Reiki are considered quite sacred and secret and are usually revealed to the concerned person only. Primarily there are four reiki symbols that are quite significant in practicing Reiki and each of these symbols is used for some specific purposes. These symbols are just like electric switches that connect the people with the energy. The three symbols of Reiki are revealed to those learners who have attuned to Reiki Level-2. The fourth symbols of Reiki was taught at Master Level. Earlier the atmosphere was quite strict as the students were never allowed to take notes and record classes conducted on Reiki symbols. The students were not allowed to take written notes on Reiki symbols and carry the papers out of the classroom.

The four major symbols of Reiki that are significantly used in the practice for some particular purposes are discussed below:

Cho Ku Rei – This symbol is treated as the power symbol and is used to provide power to  a person for completely healing the body and to get rid of all negative energies.

Cho Ku Rei symbol can also be effectively used to cleanse a particular room or area having negative influences and provide power and nourishment  to food.

Sei He Ki – This is referred as the mental and emotional symbol and is efficiently used to treat people having mental and emotional problems in their life. This symbol adds great level of calm and also prove helpful to overcome stress, anxiety and depression.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen – Referred as distance and mental symbol, it is used to heal patients who are not physically present for the treatment. While treating through this symbol of Reiki the energy  travel over large distances through an object that belongs to the patient. The healer need to touch the patient object by their healing hands.  This symbol is also found effective for karmic healing as well.

Dai Ko Myo – Popularized as the Master symbol, This symbol awakes a new sense of strength and wisdom in the patient. The power of this symbol is such that it outshines all the other symbols. This is the most commonly used and practiced symbol of Reiki.