reiki vibrations

We read more and more about energy and vibrations, and they are very real things. We all generate both.

I have read that each of us always has an energy field around us that is called an aura. Edgar Cayce saw auras around people in color. Apparently, once he saw a red energy field around a woman and told her to come back when she was not so angry.

I have seen black auras around men a few times. It was obvious that the men were very angy and full of hate. It is really sad because the extreme negative energy within them will likely have a negative effect on their health, especially if they carry that much negative energy for any length of time.

Apparently we do emit energy, and colors are associated with these energy fields, although most of us do not see these colors. Very often, however, we do feel the energy someone sends out. Apparently the energy each of us sends out continues as vibrations to the end of the world.

When we have an interaction with someone who is judging and condemning us as being not okay, we feel the coldness of their energy. Conversely, when someone sends us a loving energy, we feel the wonderful warmth of their loving energy vibrations. What a beautiful world this would be if everyone chose to send out positive, loving vibrations all the time!

The cold energy of judgment a person chooses to carry within their heart not only affects people around them, but it also negatively affects the person who carries it. People like this are likely very prone to illness and feelings of anxiety and stress. On the other hand, people who choose to carry positive energy within them, not only attract loving people into their vicinity, but also have very little self imposed illness.

The concept of harmony of body, mind, and spirit apparently plays a big part in keeping people well.

When we choose to live in the will of our heavenly Father, it makes such a big difference in our lives. When we do this, we create around us a world that is wonderful to live in. Then we are happy inside, and feel that life is good!