self reiki healing

Complementary therapists and energy healers involved in other forms of holistic healing frequently attend my Reiki courses. These holistic therapists come from the fields of yoga, tai chi, meditation, massage, reflexology and bio energy.

ReflexologyLikewise, the general public who receive holistic therapies such as massage or reflexology often prefer to attend a holistic practitioner who integrates Reiki into the treatment.

Why Holistic Practitioners are attracted to Reiki

The feedback I receive from complementary practitioners who attend my Reiki classes is very encouraging. One of the main reasons such people attend a Reiki 1 course is to learn how to give themselves energy on a daily basis.

Having a massage is heaven, but it is difficult to give yourself a massage. Reflexology works on many levels, but again, it is difficult to administer this technique to oneself. Bio energy is a credible method of energy healing, but many bio energy therapists attending my Reiki training courses say they get depleted doing their work.

The reason holistic practitioners are attracted to Reiki is that they can boost their own energy levels on a daily basis by giving themselves a self Reiki treatment. Reiki energy also helps to sustain them as they do their work.

Reiki energy relaxes both mind and body

Complementary therapists often report being drained emotionally and mentally as well as physically as a consequence of their work.

The great advantage with Reiki is that Reiki practitioners do not get depleted as they administer Reiki to others. They are like channels for universal energy and do not use their own energy in their work.

Reiki energy works on all levels of our being. Using Reiki healing energy on oneself can boost and enhance energy levels after a long day.

What people are saying about using Reiki with Tai Chi and Meditation

Reiki is a wonderful compliment to other relaxation techniques and to the martial arts.
Those who complete my Reiki trainings who also practice Tai Chi report noticeable differences in their energy fields following Reiki.

People who like to meditate have told me that they find it easier to enter a space of deep relaxation as a consequence of doing continuous self Reiki.

Reiki empowers the use of other Natural healing techniques

Many complementary practitioners use a variety of techniques in their work.
The feedback from massage therapists and reflexologists is that when they use Reiki during a session the client seems to go to a deeper level of relaxation. I have also received interesting accounts from acupuncturists who have attended Reiki classes with me. They have used Reiki on clients when the needles are in, and they say using Reiki empowers the session.

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