spiritual healing reiki

Have you ever wondered about your spirituality and the ability to heal?  In fact, you are a spiritual being first, who is experiencing being physical, not the other way around. Though it doesn’t seem like that while living here on the earth because we view everything as separate from everything else.

This is an illusion.

This whole physical world, is really not physical at all.  If you could use a microscope and look down to the atomic level you would find a lot of “space” inbetween your atoms.  In fact, you would find that you are mostly made up of empty space.

And energy never dies, it just transforms.  As in the movie Avatar, we are connected and part of everything that we see. The difference is that the Na’vi have a physical means of connecting themselves with others in their world, Pandora. We do not.

But we have a Spiritual means to understand and experience that connection, if we but avail ourselves of it.

There are actually people who work with this energy, this spiritual energy and help people heal.  The person facilitating the healing is not “doing the healing” — the person is just being a conduit for the spiritual healing energy that abounds in our universe.

And anybody can do it.  Once you learn how and are taught the principles.

Though some are more tuned to it naturally than others, anyone can become Reiki Master and facilitate healings of all kinds.

Understanding Reiki, and what Reiki actually is, has to be of paramount importance to anyone wanting to become a fully rounded and successful Reiki Master.

One of the most incredible things about Reiki, which almost everyone involved with the art, seems to want to deny – is the fact that the energy of Reiki already lies within you.

“There is nothing to seek outside yourself, everything lies within”.

So, how do you tap into this incredible healing energy, which as we have now shown, already lies within you?

Well, you have three choices…

—->You can go to a Reiki Master who will attune you
—->You can receive a Distance Attunement from a Reiki Master
—->Or, you can Attune yourself – as long as you know how

And really, the only difference between all three methods is the costs involved.

The first method is by far the most expensive of course and can work out at several hundred, sometimes thousands of, dollars to get yourself attuned to the level of Reiki Master.

Then, when you add in the costs of travelling to the classes along with meals and, perhaps, overnight accommodation – You’re looking at some serious investment, in both time and money.

The second method, the Distance Attunement, is usually much less expensive in monetary terms.

And as you don’t have to commit to any travelling either it saves you a lot of time too.

The third method, self-attunement, is probably the least expensive and has one major advantage over the other two. You can re-attune yourself as many times as you like.

So, which method is the best?

Well, when you fully understand and accept that Reiki already exists within you – and it’s not something that has to be given to you by anyone else – the choice becomes somewhat easier.

All you have to do is ask yourself the following question, “What am I going to be doing with my Reiki”?

For you see, if you only want to be attuned to Reiki for personal growth and the ability to heal yourself, friends and family etc – then spending a fortune on attending classes is probably completely unnecessary.