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Are you confused about the different types of Reiki Training in Ireland?

Every where you go,Reiki training is advertised. There has been confusion about how Reiki training in Ireland is structured, the format and content that should be included in Reiki classes, and the general standard of Reiki teaching being marketed.

Reiki teaching in Ireland does not undergo statutory regulation. This explains the lack of uniformity in all level s of Reiki courses available.

In 2002, I co-founded Reiki Federation Ireland (RFI). This is an organisation that promotes high standards of Reiki training and Reiki practice in Ireland. Anyone who has attended a Reiki 1 course can join RFI. Reiki practitioners have the option of being listed on the RFI Reiki practitioner listing.

While Reiki Federation Ireland asks all members to adhere to their guidelines, they are not a regulating body. Therefore, RFI does not accredit Reiki practitioners or teachers in Ireland. I encourage people to do their own due diligence on any Reiki training they might be considering before committing to a Reiki course.

I have been involved in teaching Reiki in Ireland since 1996. During that time I have witnessed the growth and popularity of Reiki in Dublin and other towns across the country. I have also observed the many different types of Reiki being marketed and the tendency of some facilitators to include concepts and techniques in their Reiki courses, which in essence have nothing to do with Reiki. This can prove very confusing for the general public.

In their constitution, Reiki Federation Ireland does their best to draw the distinction between Reiki and other therapies being offered.

They clearly state that if their members are practicing or using other therapies with Reiki, that they must be clearly stated. The paragraph below is taken from the constitution of RFI.

‘RFI does not recognise any other therapy (e.g. Angel therapy, Crystal therapy) as part of the Reiki system of healing. While these therapies are sometimes used in conjunction with Reiki, it is imperative that the client and Reiki students are informed of the clear distinction between Reiki and other healing modalities. Reiki is an individual healing art in its own right.’

How many Reiki Courses do I need to attend? Reiki 1 training in Ireland

The first level of Reiki training is a Reiki 1 course. All of my Reiki classes in Dublin are taught over two days. This is considered the standard time frame for Reiki 1 courses in Ireland. Some Adult Education colleges offer evening Reiki 1 classes which are taught over a period of six to eight weeks. I have a preference for the two day option.

Under guidelines for Reiki 1 training Ireland you should be taught how to do Reiki on yourself and be shown how to offer Reiki to other people. It is important that participants are given adequate time to practice Reiki on each other. Reiki explained as an energy therapy, the benefits of Reiki and the history of Reiki are among topics to be included at this Reiki 1 course.

If you just wish to enjoy using Reiki on yourself, it is not necessary to attend further Reiki courses

Reiki 2 Courses in Ireland

A Reiki 2 course is open to anyone who has done Reiki 1, and who has an interest in deepening their understanding of Reiki. The standard time for a Reiki 2 course is two days. My Reiki 2 classes in Dublin are facilitated at weekends.

In traditional Reiki, participants are introduced to three Reiki 2 symbols which look like kanji. It is understood that these have their own vibration and frequency. The Reiki teacher instructs the group on how to integrate these visual aids to empower the Reiki energy. Reiki as an energy therapy is also expanded upon at this level of training. There is lots of time for Reiki treatments during this Reiki 2 course.

Reiki Practitioner Training in Ireland

Reiki Federation Ireland has guidelines for topics that should be included at this level of training. I call this module, the Advanced Practitioner Reiki course. All such Reiki classes facilitated by me are held over two days.

This level is open to anyone interested in evolving their understanding of Reiki and to those planning on doing Reiki treatments professionally. Further information on course content can be found on my website.

Reiki 3 Training and Reiki Teacher training level

Traditionally, the final level of Reiki training is known as Reiki 3. I offer a weekend Reiki 3 course in Dublin or people who wish to attend this level exclusively for their own self development. Participants who attend receive the Reiki 3 Master symbol. I do not show participants how to attune others to Reiki at this weekend course.

In my module of Reiki training, if you wish to learn how to attune others to Reiki and how to facilitate Reiki classes you must attend the Reiki teacher training programme. This is taught over a period of months on a part time basis. During the programme participants attend and observe all levels of Reiki training courses. They are also given a comprehensive training in how to facilitate Reiki classes. Each attendee is shown how to attune others to Reiki and is given the Reiki 3 Master symbol.

It is not necessary to attend the Reiki 3 weekend course, if you plan on doing the Reiki teacher training level.