the reiki principles

Leadership is the ability to guide, direct, or influence people. For example, the head of a country or organization always has good leadership to function effectively. Why, because it is the leader that the people depend on and look to for guidance and direction.

Being grounded with a set of principles is most important in compromising moments, like decision making. Principles are the basics for which something works, like an ingredient that just makes some meals more excellent than the same meals without it.

1: Effective leadership is the perfect balance of competence, vision and virtue; and the ability to do something well, measured against a standard

2: If the source of leadership is inspiration, and the life of leadership is confidence, then the fuel of the leadership is trust. Trust must exist between Leader and Follower for effectiveness to take part.

3: Leaders must be above reproach, in other words a leader ought not criticize or have an expression about somebody for doing something wrong.

4: The character of a leader should be one that commands respect from all including his enemies.

5: A leader must have wisdom; they must have the ability to make sensible decisions and judgments based on personal knowledge and experience.

6: Leader must allow themselves to have no indulgence in secrets that would potentially undermine any public witness.

7: Mastery and absolute confidence is mandatory for a leader. You must also have complete control of any and all situations including himself.

8: A leader must be gentle yet firm.

9: A leader must not be greedy for anything.

10: A leader must be willing to gain experience over time and understand that you have to qualify for the trust and confidence of others.

Carl Mathis, author of “Life is what you make it – seven steps to moving forward

Carl Mathis is a preacher, teacher, motivational speaker and author and has been involved in ministering the Word of God to all.

The expectation that Carl has concerning his teaching is to  motivate and encourage all people to strive to do their best and not give up on their dreams.

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