using chakra

According to the Wikipedia website, chakra is derived from the Sanskrit language. In the traditional Indian medicine, it is believed that the living beings body contains wheel-like vortices. These vortices can also be called energy centers through which energy flows in our body. The body’s energy is supposed to be flowing all the time, failure of energy flow leads to illnesses. To keep the free flow of the body energy, one will need to have a proper understanding of chakras.

The main 7 chakras that you need to know are;

The first most important chakra is the Root chakra. This chakra is highly rated on the list because it is responsible for survival and basic needs. This chakra is found at the base of spine. When this chakra is not in balance you feel insecure, unsupported, unsafe and unhappy.


Then the Sacral Chakra follows. This one is located in the lower abdomen just under the navel. It deals with issues of sexuality, abundance sense, accuracy, well being and pleasure.

The Solar Plexus chakra comes third. This chakra is found in the upper abdomen around the stomach area. It gives us the ability to take control of our lives. It deals with issues of self worth, self confidence and self esteem. The negative characteristics associated with the Solar Plexus chakra is greed and fear.

In the fourth place is the Heart chakra. The heart chakra deals with the ability to love which includes gentleness, joy, adoring and healing at the same time.

Though love is on the positive side, its negative side includes laziness and passivity. This chakra is situated just above the heart at the center of the human chest.

Throat chakra is the fifth and is above the heart chakra. The throat chakra is right in the throat. It deals with our communication abilities which include expression of our feelings and telling the truth.

The Third eye chakra is the second last. This is also known as the brow chakra due to its location. It is located in the forehead, between the eyes but slightly above the eyes. It deals with the ability to think and make decisions, wisdom, concentration and imagination. It is also responsible for arrogance and pride.

Crown chakra comes last though not the least. This represents our spiritual connectivity. It is found on the head top. It is responsible for both the inner and outer beauty.

These 7 Chakras can be used to balance your life in order to live a more peaceful, relaxed and happy life.