what is reiki

Reiki is a form of healing with the hands that originated in Japan centuries ago. Positive energy transfers from the healer to the person that needs healing. It’s believed that this energy transfer works with the natural healing ability of the body to heal itself.

There are various techniques used in Reiki that restores and balances the life force energy in someone’s body. Reiki is believed to affect the body, mind and spirit of a person. Its literal meaning is “universal life energy” and it seeks to restore a balanced energy flow within a person.

The belief in whether or not Reiki works varies among people. Since it’s used to make someone completely relaxed to enable the vibrational energy flow inside to become unblocked, it’s definitely an excellent way to relieve stress. Any doctor will agree that this is a good thing. Most people admit to feeling very relaxed and serene following a Reiki session.

Reiki and Spiritual Healing are very similar as both require laying on of the hands to perform healing. There are some differences, however. A Spiritual Healer directly touches the person in need of healing. This allows them to use their personal energy and release it into this person. In this process, the healer does all the work and the recipient is passive while taking in the energy.

A Reiki practitioner doesn’t directly touch the recipient in most cases. Instead, the hand is placed just above the person, which lets the recipient draw whatever energy is needed. In Reiki, the recipient takes an active part in the healing.

In most cases, a Reiki Master will suggest a series of attunements. The attunements happen when a healer uses ancient symbols and sounds to attune the nervous system of an individual. This raises the level of energy vibrations.

If Reiki is used long term, energy channels will open and allow you to handle anxiety and stress while restoring the body. Regular treatments are the key to success when using Reiki therapy. Your illness won’t be cured in only one visit. Long term treatments will, however, work in conjunction with any medical treatments. The end result of Reiki treatments is to allow your body to be in tune with itself, thus reducing daily anxiety and stress.