you tube guided chakra meditation

When you are thinking while focusing your mind for quite a long of time, silently or chanting for a spiritual or maybe religious reason, your act can be termed as meditation, or just simply a method of relaxation. When one meditates, one gets peace of mind. For example, if one were stressed, meditation can help greatly to reduce the stress level, as it is about positivity and not negativity. Here I mean the positive thoughts will overshadow the negative thoughts, thus changing your perspective for the better.

For beginners I would recommend a guided meditation. A guided meditation is one whereby the person practicing meditation is guided by a professional. One may wonder where to get a professional, but the answer is simple. Just look out for CDs and DVDs either at your local video store or online. I believe you will get exactly what you need. Or if you can effort you can consult a professional.

One thing you need to know about this kind of meditation is that it helps you to save time. When I started meditating, I only had the idea of sitting in a silent place, relaxing and trying to visualize things. I never had an idea of what posture I must sit in, how to relax or even how to breathe. It took me lots of time to get everything correct, as I had to depend on free online resources.

Meditation basically works in an imaginary way. Normally one sits down with the legs crossed over and breaths deeply to enable relaxation of the mind. The person generally lives life in an imaginary way, so at a certain time you feel yourself in a different place.

You don’t even have to force it, it comes when you are automatically taken to another planet (though not in real life), but at least you feel that way. This is what you experience if you are meditating on good wishes.

You do not necessarily have to sit down like I do, or the way other people do, as it is also possible with other ways like just being relaxed with a settled mind in a quiet environment while alone.

A lot of people have benefited from guided meditation as some have used it to overcome ailments and diseases like back pain, the common cold and even asthma. You can also use it to change your attitude towards your relationships, economic status and job.